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Who Becomes An Instructor?

Healthcare Professionals

health professionals for BLS, ACLS, and PALS instructor training

Community Leaders

lifeguards for BLS, ACLS, and PALS instructor training

Students & Graduates

college graduates for BLS, ACLS, and PALS instructor training

Public Health Experts

public health for BLS, ACLS, and PALS instructor training

Because Not Every Hero Wears a Cape

CPR Hero is here to help you train and empower your students with results-oriented and process-based instructor training.   CPR Hero and our Training Center Faculty (TCFs) helps you learn the proper way to run an American Heart Association class and ensure the student gets the proper education as required by AHA.  CPR Hero also provides the backend support for equipment, locations as well as the technology to manage your students and classes with ease and efficiency.   CPR Hero is here to help you do what you do best: teaching and empowering others.

Note: This course is specifically design to train you to properly run an AHA course.   If you are interested in teaching with CPR Hero, you can find more information on Join CPR Hero.

What Can I Do as Instructor?

Because you are a CPR Hero American Heart Association Instructor, you have the full instructor training support and backing of CPR Hero with our offices, equipment, logistics collaboration, as well as technological support to make life easy!

We’ll send you a case study who is an RN, a College Student, and a Day Care administrator.

Get Instructor Certified Done – All In ONE Day!

Process for AHA Instructor Certification

  1. Sign Up for Instructor Course below
  2. Complete all pre-course items
    1. Current AHA CPR Card
    2. Online Instructor Essential (we have instructions for you)
    3. Create CPR Hero Instructor Account(we have instructions for you)
    4. Create AHA Instructor Account(we have instructions for you)
    5. Optional but recommended: Sit through one of our CPR classes to refresh your skills for instructor training (free to audit class)
  3. Attend day of instructor training class
    1. Learn about AHA
    2. Learn how to run the different types of class
    3. Learn how to proper complete AHA paperwork documentation
    4. Learn how to submit paperwork and issue cards to students
    5. Teach a part of live/real class (this is your monitoring shift)
  4. Receive your AHA Instructor Card within 7-10 business days

Requirements for AHA Instructor Certification

  • Have current AHA BLS CPR OR Heartsaver CPR & First Aid card (Before Class)
  • Complete AHA Online Instructor Essential (Before Class – We’ll send you instructions / part of course fee)
  • Complete all Paperwork required (During Class)
  • Complete both the Instructor Course & Monitor Shift *Same Day (During Class)

Cost of AHA Instructor Class

  • BLS Instructor Course: $350
  • ACLS or PALS Instructor Course: $750
    • Includes AHA Online Instructor Essential
    • Includes 2 Year Alignment (Certification is Valid for 2 Years)
    • Initial Fee & Renewal Is Same Fee (Renewal is waived if teach 5+ course for CPR Hero)

Special Note on CPR Hero’s Process & Technology Initiatives

We try our best to be as efficient as possible.  We try to reduce our paper consumption and go green.  This means we leverage more technology than other training locations.  If you love efficiency & using technology to make life easier, great!

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